Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


It attaches utmost importance to ensuring the security of your personal information, which you have transmitted to us by using our website or by other means. "Law on Protection of Personal Data" No. 6698 has entered into force. We would like to inform you about the aforementioned legislation and a number of definitions specified in this legislation:

Personal Data: All Kinds of Information Regarding an Identified or Identifiable Natural Person,

Processing of Personal Data: Obtaining, Recording, Storing, Preserving, Changing, Reorganizing, Disclosure, Transferring, Takeover, Making Retainable, Acquiring, Recording, Storing, Retaining, Changing, Reorganizing, Disclosure, Transferring, Acquiring, Recording Personal Data Completely or Partially Automatically or Being a Part of Any Data Recording System, All Kinds of Operations Performed on Data Such as Classification or Prevention of Use,

Data Processor: Real or Legal Person Who Processes Personal Data on His Behalf Based on the Authority Given by the Data Controller,

Data Recording System: The Registry System in which Personal Data is Processed by Structuring According to Certain Criteria,

Data Responsible: Refers to the Real or Legal Person who Determines the Purposes and Means of Processing Personal Data, and is responsible for the Establishment and Management of the Data Recording System.

1.Protection of Personal Data and the Purpose of the Consent Text and the Position of the Data Controller of our Company:

Our Shopping Site has the title of "Data Officer" within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No.6698 ("Law") in terms of Personal Data Regarding Customers, and the Protection of Personal Data and Consent Text and Enlightenment of Customers About Personal Data Processing Activities Performed by Our Shopping Site and It is aimed to obtain their express consent for the situations specified in Article 3 below.

3.Personal Data to be Processed in Line with the Explicit Consent of Customers and Processing Purposes:

For the Following Situations where Personal Data Processing Conditions in Articles 5/2 and 6/3 of the Law are not met, Explicit Consent of Customers is Required for Processing of Personal Data by Our Shopping Site.

2. Purpose of Processing Personal Data of Customers:

Personal Data Belonging to Customers are Processed within the Framework of Personal Data Processing Conditions and Purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law. Personal Data of Customers;

Carrying out the Necessary Work by Business Units and Conducting Related Business Processes to Benefit Relevant People from the Products and Services Offered by Our Shopping Site,

Carrying Out Necessary Works By Relevant Business Units For The Realization Of Commercial Activities Conducted By Our Shopping Site And Conducting Related Business Processes,

Planning and Implementation of Commercial and / Or Business Strategies of Our Shopping Site,

Providing Legal, Technical and Commercial-Occupational Safety of Related Persons in Business Relationship with Our Shopping Site, Customizing the Products and Services Offered by Our Party According to the Likes, Usage Habits and Needs of Related Persons, Planning and Performing the Activities Required for Suggestion and Promotion of Related Persons,

Establishing Possible Rights and Debt Claims of Relevant Parties

Providing Information to Authorized Institutions Based on Legislation

Creating and Tracking Visitor Records

Fulfilling Obligations Within The Scope Of The Law On The Protection Of The Consumers, The Law On The Regulation Of Retail Trade And Other Legal Legislation By Our Branches On Behalf Of Our Company, Our Call Center, Our Affiliated Companies Or Our Internet Sites, Our Social Media Pages Or And All Kinds Of Channels Not Limited To Them Provide,

Providing Better Service to Customers, Providing and Presenting Various Advantages, Providing Information on Sales, Marketing, Informing, Promotions, Providing Information on Campaigns and Conditions, Conducting Surveys, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Accelerating Your Purchases, Receiving and Delivering Orders

Creating campaigns for customers, cross-selling, determining target audience,

Implementing Activities Increasing User Experience by Following Customer Movements and Improving the Operation of the Mobile Application with the Internet Site of our Shopping Site and Personalizing it according to Customer Needs, Direct and Non-Direct Marketing, Execution of Personal Marketing and Remarketing Activities, Personal Segmentation, Targeting, Analysis and Company Carrying Out Internal Reporting Activities, Market Research,

Planning and Performing the Sales and Marketing Processes of the Products and / Or Services of Our Shopping Site, Including the Planning and Execution of Customer Satisfaction Activities and the Planning and Execution of Customer Relations Management Processes, Creating and / or Increasing Loyalty to the Products and / or Services of Our Shopping Site Within the Scope of Planning and Execution of Processes, it may be processed in line with the Approval of the Customer and Shared with the Parties Specified in the Text of Protection of Personal Data.

Our Shopping Site; For the purpose of Online Behavioral Advertising and Marketing, We have the right to associate the behavior of the user on the site even if they are not a member, and to define remarketing lists based on metrics such as the number of pages viewed, the number of visits, and the number of goal completion. Subsequently, Targeted Advertising Content may be shown to this User on the Site or on Other Sites in the Display Network, According to the Areas of Interest of the Users. During the Redirection of Google AFS Advertisements to our Shopping Site, Google May Place Cookies in Users' Browsers or Read Cookies Contained In Them Or Use Web Beacons to Collect Information.

4. Transfer of Personal Data of Customers:

Personal Data of Customers, Carrying Out Necessary Work by Business Units to Benefit Relevant Persons from the Products and Services Offered by Our Shopping Site, Conducting the Related Business Processes, Performing the Required Work by the Relevant Business Units for the Realization of the Commercial Activities Carried Out by Our Shopping Site, and Conducting the Related Business Processes, Planning and Performing the Commercial and / or Business Strategies of Our Shopping Site, Ensuring the Legal, Technical and Commercial-Occupational Safety of Our Shopping Site and Related Persons in Business Relationship with Our Shopping Site, and Customizing the Products and Services of Our Shopping Site According to the Likes, Usage Habits and Needs of the Related Persons. Company Authorities within the Scope of the Personal Data Processing Conditions and Purposes Specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law, including Planning and Execution of Activities Required for Suggestion and Promotion to Relevant Persons , Our Affiliates, Business Partners, Suppliers, Shareholders, Legally Authorized Public Institutions and Private Institutions.

User's Name and Contact Information May Be Shared With Payment Agencies For The Purpose Of Identity Verification In Accordance With The Payment Institution Framework Contract To Be Approved At The Payment Stage And In Accordance With The Regulation On Measures To Prevent Laundering Proceeds Of Crime And The Financing Of Terrorism Published In The Official Gazette Dated January 9, 2008 and Number 26751.

Our Shopping Site will be able to Transfer Personal Data to Third Persons in the Country as well as abroad, on the condition that it meets the conditions stipulated in the Law No. 6698 within the Purposes specified above.

5. Collection Method of Personal Data and Legal Reason:

Personal Data is Collected from Customers in Electronic Environment. Personal Data Collected For The Legal Reasons Specified Above Can Be Processed And Transferred For The Purposes Specified In Articles 5 And 6 Of The Law And The Text Of Protection Of These Personal Data.

6. Retention Periods of Personal Data

Our Shopping Site Keeps Personal Data For The Period Stipulated In The Relevant Laws And Legislations.

If the Legislation Regarding How Long Personal Data Should Be Stored Is Not Regulated For A Time, Personal Data Is Processed For The Period Requiring The Processing Of Our Shopping Site In Accordance With The Practices And The Conventions Of Our Shopping Site And The Conventions Of Commercial Life, Then It Is Deleted, Destroyed Or Made Anonymous.

The Purpose of Processing Personal Data Has Ended; If The Retention Periods Determined By The Relevant Legislation And Our Shopping Site Has Expired; Personal Data Can Be Stored Only To Provide Evidence In Possible Legal Disputes Or To Proceed The Right Related To Personal Data Or To Establish Defense. Although the Time-Out Periods and Time-Out Periods for the Proceeding of the Right Mentioned in the Establishment of the Periods here have passed, the Retention Periods are Determined Based on the Examples in the Requests Made to Our Shopping Site on the Same Subjects. Personal Data Stored In This Case Is Not Accessed For Any Other Purpose And Only When It Is Necessary To Be Used In The Related Legal Dispute Access Is Provided To The Relevant Personal Data. After the expiry of the mentioned period, personal data are deleted, destroyed or made anonymous.

7. Rights of Customers as Personal Data Owners:

Data Owners as per Article 11 of the Law; (I) Learning whether Personal Data Regarding Them Is Processed, (Ii) Requesting Information If Personal Data Has Been Processed, (Iii) Learning the Purpose of Processing Personal Data and Whether They Are Used Appropriately, (Iv) Where Personal Data Is Transferred At Home Or Abroad Knowing Third Parties, (V) Request Correction of Personal Data In Case of Incomplete or Misprocessing, and Request Notification of the Transaction Made Within This Scope to Third Parties, (Vi) Despite Being Processed in Compliance with the Law and Other Related Law Provisions, Eliminating the Reasons Requiring its Processing Requesting the Deletion or Destruction of Personal Data in Case of Disappearance and Request Notification of the Transaction Made Within This Scope to Third Parties, (Vii) Objection to the Occurrence of a Result Against Himself By Analyzing the Processed Data Exclusively by Automatic Systems, and (Viii) Personal V Has the Right to Request the Compensation of the Damage in Case of Damage Due to the Processing of the Employees Unlawfully.

Requests Regarding the Exercise of the Rights in question, Methods specified by our Personal Data Owners Shopping Site within the scope of Law No. 6698